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30 Apr 2015

Kendrick Lamar has teamed up with the company 'Sweet Green' to create a new salad, the 'Beets Do not Kale My Vibe' is (to German: 'char beets not my mood'.)

The product is expected before the rapper's concerts as part of the 'Sweet Life Festival' in Maryland are sold on 30 and 31 May in the shops of the manufacturer, the organizer of the event is as 'NME' reports. The name of the salad creation refers to the song 'Bitch Do not Kill My Vibe' ('bitch, do not screw up my spirits'), the Lamar recorded. 'Sweet Green' sold since 2013 t-shirts with the name of the salad. This should be in addition to beetroot and green cabbage, which explains the unusual name.

Introduce Ten percent of the...

29 Apr 2015

An original pop diva. Mariah Carey has unveiled Monday a new song, called "Infinity". This new title is announced on the occasion of the release of a best-of album # 1 to Infinity, due in stores May 18

A difficult breakup The song evokes a difficult breakup. Probably an allusion to the separation of the star with Nick Canon, the twins' father of the singer, which occurred last summer.

# 1 to Infinity is enriched reissue of # 1's, a compilation that has sold 17 million copies worldwide in 1998.

Fans will find the diva on the scene of Caesar Palace in Las Vegas from 6 May until late July.

27 Apr 2015

Kanye West's father thought his son was joking when he learned of the name of his granddaughter.

The choice of the name 'Bound 2'-rapper and his wife Kim Kardashian made the grandfather of the North, Ray West, a bit perplexed, but now the whole family is said to have made friends with the unusual name of the 22-month-old North.

Brenda Bentley, who was engaged in the past with Ray West and will still be close friends with him, said: "The name North - he first thought it was a joke Ray likes him now you can call Nori... "

The couple makes no bones about it, meanwhile, to desire to have more children and Bentley believes that if West first gets a son, he will probably want to honor...

23 Apr 2015

The interest in Jay Z's new streaming service 'Tidal' is heavily faded.

The American service 'Billboard' has found that the new app from number 83 in the 'Apple Store' fallen dramatically in their induction week and now is not to be found among the top 750. The great revolution in the music market, as the service was announced at its launch in March, it is not so. The officers were recently implemented new features to promote young artists. New content will now be more easily shared. There is also an extra area for exclusive material that Jay Z personally for 'Tidal' selects. The musicians presented recently a video for his hit 'Glory' from the 2012 streaming platform.

That seems so...

21 Apr 2015

The production of the movie "Jurassic world" revealed a new development, which allows to meet more members of the cast led by Chris Pratt, who plays the role of "Owen Grady".

According to the official website of the film, the clip of nearly two and half minutes, shows how "Owen," a former military man, healer and coach dinosaurs, maintains a relationship based on respect with his team of Velociraptors.

He and his squad trained, dinosaurs are those who try to control the "D-Rex", also known as Indomitus Rex, an asset out of control that will threaten death to 20,000 people at the moment are in the park .

Machine guns, bazookas, helicopters, everything is little to try to stop the...

20 Apr 2015

Karl Lagerfeld has an apparently been given a very special copy of the Apple Watch.

His bodyguard Sebastien Jondeau posted a photo on Instagram, which should show the hand of the fashion designer. Around the wrist, the watch is with Apple allegedly especially for him-made, gold bracelet. To the image Jondeau wrote: "First Apple Watch !! created just for Karl GREAT !!!" The 81-year-old is not the only celebrity who shows up with the new SmartWatch. Katy Perry also, Pharrell Williams and Drake have been seen with the clock of Apple - even though this will officially start on April 24, comes on the market.

In Paris Lagerfeld was also at the presentation of the Apple Watch at the...

16 Apr 2015

Impressive. Party Europe 1 last June, Laurent Ruquier shines in command of the Big Heads on RTL since September. The latest results released by Médiamétrie audience on Wednesday confirm this. The show gained 262,000 listeners in one year (26% of total audience). Excellent performance, guided by the principal party to 20 Minutes.

What was your reaction when you discovered the latest results of hearing? It was hoped them, it's not a huge surprise. The first two waves had been very positive. I hope it will continue for years to come. I am particularly pleased. The challenge was mostly not to lose listeners RTL. The bet is more than achieved. It does more than Philippe Bouvard last year....

14 Apr 2015

Baptism in Jerusalem. After a stay in Armenia, the American reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West, visited on Monday in the Armenian Cathedral of the Holy City in order to bring their daughter to the baptismal font.

Hundreds of fans greeted the arrival of the couple in the narrow streets of Armenian quarter of Jerusalem, shouting and whistling when Kim Kardashian, of Armenian descent, came out of his car, his daughter North, 21 months, in her arms.

Dressed in beige and white "The girl Kim Kardashian is going to be baptized, and will officially become a Christian and a member of the Armenian Church," said Archbishop Aris Shirvanian to the crowd of reporters...

13 Apr 2015

Kim Sears opted for an embellished gown by British designer Jenny Packham, while Andy kept to tradition wearing a kilt and his mother broke convention and wore white to his wedding

With Judy Murray, the mother of the groom, breaking tradition to wear white to the wedding of her son Andy Murray and Kim Sears, there was a chance this might be an alternative wedding with the bride herself wearing pink. Or perhaps the whole wedding party being decked out in sparkling tennis white, the groom in Adidas?

09 Apr 2015

North Charleston police officer Michael T. Slager has been charged with the murder of 50-year-old Walter 'Lamar' Scott after a routine traffic stop led to the unarmed Scott being shot in the back eight times on Saturday.

The officer was charged with murder after a video obtained by The New York Times showed the unarmed Scott fleeing the scene. Slager had said he feared for his life because Scott had taken his stun gun, yet in the video you can clearly see the stun gun had fallen to the ground only to be retrieved by Slager and placed next to Scott's lifeless, handcuffed body only to be retrieved by Slager again.

It's a nightmare, and a tragedy, and there is no answer as to why things...