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14 Mar 2015

Another day, another Duggar controversy — but this one could have serious repercussions for the welfare of the Duggar children.

The 19 Kids and Counting family has been sharing vacation photos from their recent trip to Texas, but two pics in particular have raised a few eyebrows. What's the issue? Guns. More specifically, the issue is that a gun was left lying around on the ground while no one seemed to be paying attention to the youngest Duggar child, Josie.

The first photo shows the gun laying on the ground while some of the older kids fish.

It's bad enough that the gun is just lying there, but the next photo will give you goosebumps.

In this chilling photo, we can see...

13 Mar 2015
When adults would ask Jonathan Simons what he wanted to be when he grew up, his response was always swift and resolute. “I want to make things.”

Fifty years later, the founder of Jonathan’s Spoons is living up to that aspiration, making handcrafted wooden spoons and kitchen utensils at his workshop in rural Kempton, Pennsylvania.

He will join 224 like-minded souls March 13-15 at the American Craft Council Show, a three-day retail and wholesale event that showcases contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture and other artisanal work.

For all his prescience as a youngster, even Simons could not foresee how his life’s work would rekindle the kinds of connections that are compromised by mass production. “The further we move away from...